How to Plan a Destination Wedding?


Planning a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is unique and magical. You can make your dream wedding come true if you have always wanted get married away from home. There are many romantic vistas and locales including ancient castles, sunny beaches, tropical sandy places, and iconic city skylines wedding venues in the USA. Such wedding venues are gorgeous, but you need great planning to make the destination wedding a success. unnamed Before you can finally jet off to your destination and tie the knot, many things need planning. Such ceremonies are intimate, and you can take advantage of the overseas location to have your wedding and honeymoon in a single place. To plan your event successfully, you may have to seek the services of a professional wedding planner. But, you will still be part of the whole process, and the following tips will come handy: Pick Your Venue The wedding venues determine the mood of your wedding. The atmosphere in an event held in a rustic venue is different from a beach wedding. However, there is more than that. Consider your budget and travel time because these two will determine how successful your wedding turns out. Before you settle for a destination, find time to visit it in advance. You might change your mind once you get to the locale; pictures online can be captivating than what is available in reality. You will also need a vendor and meeting them face to face is a good idea so that you can let them know what you want. Choose the Best Season A wedding turns out beautiful during the warm season where there are no rains. However, this is the time tourists visit various destinations with the best wedding. This means rates are high, there are big crowds and venues are not readily available. If you want to have your wedding during the high peak season, book the venue and accommodation for your guests in advance. If it’s an indoor event, you can have it off season when the weather is unpredictable. Be sure to research and understand weather patterns of the destination you select for your event. Discuss with family and guests Your wedding is likely to feel incomplete without your loved ones. Let them know about your destination wedding so that they can decide if their finances are flexible enough. Alert the bridal party since they will have to cater for their travel expenses to stand by your side. The guests can plan and book flights in advance and find the right places to stay before the prices skyrocket. But, some wedding planners take on transportation and accommodation of the guests.   Our Breakfast is EGGcellent! Send out your invites early enough, at least eight months before the wedding. Put in mind one of the drawbacks of a destination wedding is that some people may not afford the travel expenses. So, accept apologies from those who cannot meet the costs. Get a Wedding Planner As a couple, you may want to plan your wedding. While DIY is exciting, you need a local wedding planner. This is a person who knows everything about your destination and wedding venues. It is hard to settle for one and you might feel tempted to hire someone you know. But, if it’s overseas with a different time zone or a country where the language is likely to be a barrier, hire local wedding planner. You also find that if your destination is a popular wedding venue, they might have their in-house planner. But, you enjoy numerous advantages of having a wedding planner who is familiar with the locale and they include:

  • You get contacts of local florists, caterers, photographers, makeup artists and other service providers plus reasonable rates.
  • Provides you with information regarding local laws and customs.
  • Making calls and sending emails becomes their work. You do not have to worry about the language barrier or time zone; the wedding planner will handle all that.
  • Organizes accommodation for your guests and tips on how to get reliable local transport.

Pack All Wedding Essentials Safely Packing for a wedding can be a bit stressful. There are things you cannot afford to leave back home. Some of the main items to pack include the wedding dress, suit and the rings. However, there are little things that will give you a complete look on the D-day such as the shoes, jewelry and make up for the bride. Have a list to help you ensure nothing is left behind. Give Yourself an Extra Day Avoid traveling a day before the wedding day. It makes your schedule tight and you have no time to relax. Get there two days or more before the wedding; this will give you and your guest ample time to reach the destination and rest. It also allows sufficient time for late arrivals and delays. Having a dinner before the wedding day with your guests and family is also a good idea. So have an extra day for easy and comfortable last minute preparations. Choose What to Bring With You Carefully With a destination wedding, you have to choose what to carry with you. Only the important things can go into your suitcase. Most likely, you will be traveling by plane and you do not want to bring a piece of huge luggage. Settling for a light wedding gown is great or buy one locally close to you wedding venue to avoid the hustles of traveling with a bulky dress. Conclusion A destination wedding is unforgettable and something anyone would love on their big day. However, if some of the little things are not taken seriously, your wedding can turn out disastrous. The weather is one of them; this can affect your venue and flights. Also try as much as you can to avoid having your wedding when most locals are on holiday. A wedding includes your family and friends and wouldn’t feel great in their absence. So, avoid very long distant wedding venues and let be a place where people will take one flight and land close to the wedding venue. Many wedding venues are make it easy to find a perfect one for everyone’s convenience.

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