How to stay Healthy While Travelling with Kids in Summer


Stay healthy while travelling

Every family looks forward to summer because this is the season of fun, travel and meeting new friends. Ask anyone around you will get some nice memory a summer event from their lives. To make your summer vacation or trip count, you have to pick a fabulous destination but more importantly, you have to ensure the safety of the kids and their health.

There are many health risks when travelling and as a parent, it is your duty to protect your kids and keep them safe. Whether you are in search of the best hotels in East Hampton, places to eat, fun activities at the beach or you want to hit the road, the health of your family comes first.

This articles offers suggestion on staying healthy while travelling with kids this summer. Read on to ensure your summer trip goes smoothly.

1. Pack Safe and Healthy Food

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When travelling, it is common for people to throw caution out of the window and eat junk and other unhealthy foods all the way. Kids love such unhealthy stuff and if not careful, they might end up sick while on the road or during a flight.

You should pack healthy food items before hitting the road including Low-fat yogurt, Dried and fresh fruit, Peanut butter sandwiches, water, 100-percent fruit or vegetable juice, low-fat milk boxes, whole-grain crackers among other healthy items. This way you can monitor what everyone eats and you will avoid dangerous fatty foods and fizzy drinks.

2. Beat the Heat

The summer heat can damage kids’ skin and cause permanent damage. While kids love staying outdoors in the sun, it is dangerous because exposure to direct UV light can also increase the risk of skin cancer. To protect your children, carry sunscreen and remember to apply it regularly on their skin.

Encourage them to drink lots of water or fresh juice to stay hydrated as this not only helps body functioning but also protects the skin. You should never leave your kids alone in the car as the temperatures can rise to dangerous levels.

Other ways to beat the heat include wearing sun-protective clothing, sunglasses or using a beach umbrella or a pop-up tent to protect your kids from direct sunlight. Most East Hampton hotels have beautiful outdoor shades for the entire family to relax and unwind even before heading to their room.

3. Remember Your Kids Allergies

Kids are prone to allergies and before you travel, you need to plan for such attacks and also try to prevent them. Make sure to carry recommended medication for allergies during travel and stash them in your carry-on and not the luggage. This way, you will always have them with you in case of an allergy attack.

To prevent an attack, check all the food, drinks and snacks served during the flight and at your hotel. An allergic reaction can worsen to a point of hospitalization and this will not only cause a lot of trauma for the kid but the entire family.

4. Stay Active

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Doctors advise against a sedentary lifestyle and even on holiday, you need to stay active and keep the kids busy too. You should maximize available time to explore and look for adventure as a family.

Every destination has must-do activities from water sports, biking, hiking, rock climbing to snorkeling and everything in between. You have to encourage your family to stay outdoors to avoid fatigue and rejuvenate both body and mind.

5. Protect Against Bugs

If you plan to go camping or you want to enjoy some hiking during your vacation, is advisable to protect yourself against bites. Kids will always wander into the bushes and they are more susceptible to bites and for this reason using an insect repellant to keep bugs away.

6. Encourage Enough Sleeping

There’s a lot of excitement when travelling and kids might not observe their usual sleep time. They will wake up irritated due to lack of enough and this affects their mood and lateness. Sleep is important and you should never compromise on your kids’ sleep whether on the road or in a flight. Lack of sleep can have a long lasting impact on your kids which is something you want to avoid.

7. Stay Watchful Around Water

Kids love water and there’s no arguing with this but water is also dangerous. You should stay watchful whenever your children are in the water. If there is no lifeguard, don’t lose sight of your kid because an accident can happen very fast.

For very young kids, go into the water with them to avoid a nasty surprise and if you supervise when out of water, don’t let anything else distract you including your phone.

8. Carry a Well-Stocked First Aid Kit

If your summer vacation involves a road trip or camping, it is important to keep a well-stocked first aid kit in the car. Make sure everything is intact before setting out for the trip and that includes tweezers, and bandages, over-the-counter pain medicine, allergies or asthma treatment, antiseptic cream and a cold pack. Make sure you have your pediatrician’s phone number with you all the time in case of a medical emergency.

9. Observe Hygiene Everywhere You Go

From public beaches and pools to eateries, you need to observe hygiene to avoid infections during travel. The last thing you want is for one of your kids to go down with a stomach infection when on the road.
Always eat in hygienic places and preferably at the best hotels in East Hampton. Remind everyone to wash hands before eating and after using the washrooms. You should pack a disinfectant in your bag to be safe.

10. Plan Activities With Kids In Mind

When planning your summer travel, make sure you consider the kids’ welfare. Don’t include too many activities which your family might not even like. If you want the trip to benefit everyone, avoid very long trips and too many activities because this is not healthy for your family.

These tips will help keep your family safe. You should also consider travel insurance and confirm if the policy covers medical expenses. When looking for East Hampton hotels, check their hygiene standards and confirm availability of medical care in case of an emergency.

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